Modular polycarbonate

Intended use:

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A modular panel system in coextruded triple wall multi-skin polycarbonate with male/female fittings (protected from UV rays on one side) with a 10-year warranty against aging. These panels feature high thermos-insulating properties along with an extreme light weight, transparency, resistance to impact, ease of movement and laying and setup. Thanks to the patented fitting system which doesn’t require the use of silicone, they guarantee perfect water tightness and remarkable resistance to pressure loads. They can be used in the making of coverings, sheds, skylights and windows. Special stainless steel hooks allow for application in structures without modifications of reworkings (cuts, holes, etc.), which would compromise technical quality. Polycarbonate panels, therefore, are very versatile and reliable, the ideal solution for traditional and innovative projects, both from the dimensional and architectural point of view.