Adria roof tiles

Intended use:

Type of use:

Freestanding insulated metal panels in polyurethane, suited for slanted coverings of residential buildings, with a minimum slope of 15%. The external side of the panel in a roof tile moulded sheet can be made of pre-varnished zinc-coated steel, pre-varnished aluminium or copper. The pre-varnish of steel and aluminium is offered in brick red, mimicking traditional roof tiles. The internal side of the panel is in pre-varnished zinc-coated steel. The Adriacoppo panel comes complete with all the accessories. ADVANTAGES: the continuous thickness of the polyurethane layer guarantees higher thermal insulation than any other type of covering. It can be mounted very easily and quickly, featuring guaranteed long-lasting water tightness, no required maintenance and less bulk compared to traditional coverings. The area under roof remains perfectly usable.