The Breda Company offers a complete range of products for residential and industrial building covers and infillings, guaranteeing  the best solution for every need.  Insulating cover and wall panels, architectural insulating panels for walls, mineral fibre panels, certified for resistance and  reaction to fire, soundproof and sound absorbing panels, refrigerating room panels, corrugated and hi-bond metal sheets,  are just a few examples of products always in stock at our warehouses. In construction, Metcoppo, Quadrotti Breda and Cutec copper  panels still represent the best alternatives to traditional coverings. Breda offers a wide assortment of plastic materials  as well, which thanks to their features, are gaining more and more importance in the building sector.  Polycarbonate multi-skin and compact sheets, thermal corrugated, modular polycarbonate, metacrylic sheeting, and translucent  fibreglass laminates are the ideal solution for all those uses where transparency is essential.  All products are delivered to the client in the requested sizes, along with all the necessary accessories for the proper job execution.